Reading Fluency

How The Family Readers address reading fluency

What is reading fluency?

Fluency is the ability to read a text accurately and quickly.

Fluency is important because it helps students to understand what they read. Reading fluency can be developed by modeling fluent reading.

Monitoring student progress in reading fluency:

  • Is useful in evaluating reading and setting goals

  • Can be motivating to teachers and students

How The Family Readers learn-to-read books address reading fluency:

  • Say the sounds from the front page review

  • Read aloud each word on the front page review

  • Read the story orally with the tutor/parent

  • Read each book aloud to family and friend

  • Reread the book orally to the tutor/teacher at the beginning of each new lesson

  • Learn to read with punctuation marks as suggested on the front page preview which helps give inflection to oral reading and prevents or improves monotone reading