Writing Activities

Drastically boost reading comprehension with more than 900 reproducible writing activities that compliment and are correlated to the The Family Readers storybooks.

writing activities


Includes pre- and post-reading activities. Designed for the beginning or emerging reader through third grade.

87% of parents see major improvements in their child's ability to read within the first three weeks.

Dr. Ed Green, Family Literacy Centers

Over 900 Writing Lessons Included

  • Reproducible Pages—Use them over and over again
  • Student Dictation
  • Write your-own-Stories
  • Draw-your-own-Pictures
  • Matching & other Activities
  • Teacher Dictation

Children learn to read faster if they write

Many studies show that eye-to-hand writing activities greatly enhance a child's ability to learn to read. The results?

  • Better phonics skills
  • Better word recognition
  • Better reading fluency
  • Better ability to capture word meanings
  • Better word background knowledge

No learn-to-read program is complete without companion writing activities. Simply put, children learn to read faster if they write.


We use the Writing Activities in conjunction with The Family Readers books to improve each student's reading comprehension. We discuss each book and reinforce its meaning with writing activities.
—Hester Rippy, Liason for the Lehi, Utah Public Library Literacy Center.

Because we used The Family Readers, our daughter's pre-first grade reading scores were eight times higher than average but her reading comprehensive score was average. The Writing Activities would have improved those scores drastically.
—Robert Stevens, President, WriteExpress Corporation

Not only did the Writing Activities help with students learning to read, it improved their spelling and language skills.
—Second Grade Teacher