Reading Comprehension

How The Family Readers implement reading comprehension

What is reading comprehension?

Reading comprehension is understanding. It is creating meaning and usefulness from text. Reading comprehension is important because comprehension is the reason for reading.

Reading comprehension is improved by providing:

  • purposeful/natural learning situations.

  • active/facts and information.

  • knowledge of details like who? what? where? how?

  • practice in conversation skills to understand what they are reading.

  • application of information forecasting by projecting what can happen next.

  • opportunities for predicting what you would do.

  • help to readers form visual images of what they are reading.

Reading comprehension skills can be taught by:

  • teaching how to summarize.

  • using information to create new ideas.

  • analyzing the information and discussing how things are alike and how are they different.

  • drawing conclusions and judging ideas.

How The Family Readers learn-to-read storybooks improve reading comprehension:

  • At the end of every book is a reading comprehension page with questions for discussion. These questions proceed from simple to complex levels of difficulty and understanding.

  • Vocabulary words are discussed on the front preview page.

  • Each lesson packet has a list of six or seven comprehension sentences for every book.

  • Conversation is encouraged with every lesson (introduction, application and review).

  • Each book teaches a value such as honesty or integrity.

  • We strongly recommend you buy the 900 writing activities that compliments and is correlated to the Family Readers