The Family Readers

Learn to read with 72 phonics storybooks! Guide a child for just twenty minutes a day to see amazing results.

For struggling or beginning readers from pre-school thru third grade.

The Family Readers Wins Best Learn-to-Read Phonics Reading Program!

87% of parents see major improvements in their child's ability to read within the first three weeks.

Dr. Ed Green, Family Literacy Centers

PROBLEM: Two-thirds of students who cannot read proficiently by the end of the 4th grade will end up in jail or on welfare. The 4th grade is the pivotal year. If a child is not reading proficiently in the 4th grade, he or she will have approximately a 78 percent chance of not catching up.

SOLUTION: The Family Readers—Used by Family Literacy Centers across the USA, the Family Readers will dramatically help your child learn to read. With love and patience, guide your child read out loud to you. Enjoy that first moment as he or she discovers success

Children love these award-winning phonics storybooks. Parents say they were the best investment they ever made.

The Family Readers will help your child:

  • Boost reading skills
  • Increase reading confidence
  • Improve school grades quickly
  • Learn moral values

Parents, you'll love them because they are:

  • Fun to use
  • Filled with entertaining stories
  • Easy to understand
  • Memorable

Features & Benefits

  • No prior reading experience is required—The first lesson teaches the most commonly used vowel sounds and vowel blends in a story that begins with only one word on each page.

  • Produce independent readers
    The Family Readers are planned so if a student begins with book one and reads through the 72 books, he or she will cover the phonetic elements to become an independent reader.

  • Teach values
    Values (such as sharing or honesty) are woven into each story. Storybook characters model healthy relationships as the plot unfolds. These values are not controversial. They are not political or religious. They simply are common sense, time-proven human values.

  • Introduce short and long vowels
    The lessons build progressively as children increase their reading skills and confidence.

    • The first 36 short vowel books introduce new skills that provide children with a substantial reading base.

    • The short vowels like o in box are taught first.

    • The long vowels such as i in bike (and variations) are taught in the remaining 36 books.

  • Help your child build a broad vocabulary
    Reading is a process of connecting letters with sounds. Your child will read and understand over 2,500 words.

  • Increase reading confidence
    Self-esteem skyrockets when a child's reading skills improve. Our Family Readers help you provide quick, measurable success.

  • Create lasting memories
    A child always treasures time spent reading with mom or dad. And so will you!

These books are...

  • Sequential—Read The Family Readers in sequence from book 1 to 72. Each storybook presents new word patterns and reviews previously taught words.

  • Four color: Full-color modern art sells the parents but it actually distracts early readers. Our simple, four-color artwork is pleasing and helps children focus on learning how to read.

  • To be used with supervision: Your time and guidance is required. You alone can instill a love of reading in your child.

How to teach reading

Compliment your child as he or she reads to you
Make reading before bedtime a special treat. Sit or lie down next to your child with The Family Readers.

Speak with a fun, patient tone that confirms complete confidence in the child. Guide your child slowly. Point to the word's letters and blend together its sounds. You will be amazed as your child reads familiar words faster and easier.

Jumpstart a happy childhood
After a few words are learned, your child will point to a new word and ask, "What's this?" Don't tell. Instead, help your child sound it out.

Congratulate your child frequently. Tell them they are smart. You will discover why early readers have a big advantage through grade school and beyond.

Improve reading comprehension by discussing each book
After your child completes a book, ask the questions on the back, inside cover. This will help your child remember the story.

Raise the bar
Tell your children they are smart and your family gets straight A's. Create an atmosphere of learning. This may require limiting TV and video games to one night a week—for parents too!

Need more information?

Discover why The Family Readers result in dramatic reading improvement.

Learn how the books improve the following skills:


"This lively set of 72 little readers by Rachel McOmber is beautifully illustrated, extremely decodable, and has cumulative stories that impart good values, featuring the same interesting characters. These books are humorous and enjoyable, and have comprehension questions at the end of each booklet. There are full-color covers and two-color pages, which have very large print for easy reading."

—Dolores G. Hiskes, DorBooks

"We use the Family Readers because they work. Our literacy center has become a great success in our city.” More about Hester's help with children's literacy"

—Hester Rippy, Liason for the Lehi, Utah Public Library Literacy Center.

Read the latest review published in The Link—a homeschool newspaper

My son has started reading and loves every minute of it. He is so proud of what he has accomplished and it is so structured that it helps me teach him in a much better way.

—Tracy Workman, Crofton MD

Repeat business is assured.

—Joseph Joaquin, Bridgewater MA

It took extra time to get to me. I live in Canada and the product is coming from the States, perhaps there was a delay at the border which is out of their hands. Thank you I really appreciate this product.

—Sherry McNear, Siouxlook ON Canada

Love the books. My four year old is READING!!

—Tracy Anderson, Brighton MI

I have used the Family Readers to introduce reading to my 5 year old son. They are set up in a way that make reading enjoyable and simple. I love the results and plan to use them with my youngest son also. I would recommend this series of books to any parent with young readers.

—Jeanette A.

My son has always been very intelligent. His reading accuracy has improved 100% since he has been tutoring with the learning materials. In the past, he would skip words, and even whole lines of words. His reading skills are nearly perfect now.

—Kathryn C. S.