The Family Readers Deluxe Set

Teach reading with correlated writing activities that improve reading comprehension

Home school reading kit


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Get everything you need to strengthen comprehension:

  • Ask reading comprehension questions located at the end of each book in the 72 Family Readers series.

  • Increase in level of difficulty as your child progresses through the series. This focus on comprehension ensures your child learns more than just how to sound out words, but to comprehend what they read.

  • Practice reading text accurately and quickly with systematic repetition. The skills are covered in a variety of interesting books and fun activities ranging from CD-ROMs to writing activity worksheets.

  • Boost reading comprehension with more than 900 reproducible writing activities ompliments and is correlated to the 72 Family Readers learn-to-read phonics storybooks.


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“This is the most amazing phonics set for home schools I have ever seen!”

—Dr. Ed Green, Instructional Psychologist,
Family Literacy Centers

“We use the Family Readers because they work. Our literacy center has become a great success in our city.”

—Hester Rippy, Literacy Center Liason,
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