Home School Reading Tips

  • Practice the sounds of language. Parents that home school their children should read books that focus on phonics. Play simple word games: How many words can you make up that sound like the word “bat”?

  • Take spoken words apart and put them together. This is a fun home school activity. Separate the sounds in words, listening for beginning and ending sounds, and putting separate sounds together.

  • Practice the alphabet. Have some fun in your home school by making the alphabet come alive in your home. Point out letters wherever you see them.

  • Point out the letter-sound relationships. This is another home school strategy. Help your child learn to read by practicing letter-sound relationships with household items--labels, boxes, newspapers, magazines and signs.

  • Show you are proud of your child. Every skilled home school parent learns to patiently listen as the child practices. Tell your child you are proud that he/she is learning to read.