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Set 9 Book 1 (Miss Vie)  
Set 9—Book 1 Comments
Title: Miss Vie This book introduces the consonant blends tr- (tried) and th- (digraph - as in "thank").
The story shows that caring for animals is important.
New Words:Nutmeg, Miss Vie, vet, die, tried, fee, safe, notes, rode, thank, beep, jeep, keep, keeps, weeks, feed, feel, lets, pines, deer, hare
Consonants:_nk, _ks, tr_, Word Patterns: "-are" as in hare and care.
Vowels:long vowels
Sight Words:deer, hare
Conversation Skills:After reading this book, talk about kindness.

Set 9 Book 2 (The Time Box)  
Set 9—Book 2 Comments
Title: The Time Box Review of long e and ea vowels is given.
Students learn that memories are intangible treasures.
New Words:heap, fire, hide, life, seal, seals, real, years, inside, wide, sea, nose, lean, peek, leak, leaks, near, neat, hear, beat, ear, dear, deep, read, tales, my, tick, tock, learn, dare, Teena's
Consonants:_ls, _rs, Word Patterns: "_ear" as in near.
Vowels:long -em -e
Sight Words:learn
Conversation Skills:After reading this book, talk about making a scrapbook.

Set 9 Book 3 (The Haircut)  
Set 9—Book 3 Comments
Title: The Haircut This book introduces the long - ai and the consonant ending - lp
Students lean that talking through problems helps us face them.
New Words:cage, dive, fail, jail, sail, hail, pail, nail, wait, Spain, pain, rain, haircut, haircuts, needed, seem, say, lay, away, may, maybe, ears, pick, picked, fair, day, today, need, week, so
Consonants:gr_, sh_, sm_, _ing, _ed, sp_, y (silent)
Vowels:long -ai
Sight Words: 
Conversation Skills:After reading this book, talk about grooming.

Set 9 Book 4 (The Big Deal)  
Set 9—Book 4 Comments
Title: The Big Deal Practice is given in the long "ea" vowels and in compound words.
A favorite book for baseball fans of any age.
The value taught is: "Meeting challenges and doing our best is more important than winning."
Value:Meeting Challenges
New Words:last, base, baseball, plate, mitt, team, teams, Bobcats, Neal, weak year, cubs, seat, beat, beats, deal, leaps, gear, fear, rear, lead, leads, dives, call, ball, says, tugs, onto
Consonants:pl, _ds, _rs, _ts
Vowels:long- ea
Sight Words:onto
Conversation Skills:After reading this book, talk about being afraid.

Set 9 Book 5 (The Quiz is 3)  
Set 9—Book 5 Comments
Title: The Quiz is 3 This is another review book which offers practice in most of the skills learned to date.
Value:Review Values
New Words:book birthday
Consonants:Review book
Sight Words: 
Conversation Skills:After reading this book, talk about practice.

Set 9 Book 6 (Me and the Bee)  
Set 9—Book 6 Comments
Title: Me and the Bee An introduction of long "e" and "ee" vowels is given.
The story is written in first person narrative which helps readers appreciate the value of personal introspection.
Value:Personal Introspection
New Words:hi, I'll, late, bee, knee (silent k), feet, pod, there, mine, seed, weeds, weep, seems, jokes, bikes, by, zaps, peer, peers (exception to the "ee" rule)
Consonants:th_, k (silent), c (soft), _ps, _rs, _ds, _ms
Vowels:long- e -ee
Sight Words:peer
Conversation Skills:After reading this book, talk about self awareness.
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