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Book Covers & Lessons Taught in Set 7

Set 7 Book 1 (The Silent ”e“)  
Set 7—Book 1 Comments
Title: The Silent “e” A unique approach for teachers/parents use to model with students how short vowel words change the letter sound to the letter name by adding an ”e“ to the end of the word. Kim and Max play a game to practice this concept. It is recommended that this book be used as a shared reading or guided reading activity.
New Words:let's, make, makes, take, play, p.j.'s, said, we, games, tee-hee, see, game, adds, this, word, silent, Tazz
Consonants:th_, _nt, _rd, pl, _dds, _zz
Vowels:long a-e-i-o-u
Sight Words:word
Conversation Skills:After reading this book, talk about rules.

Set 7 Book 2 (The Big Hole)  
Set 7—Book 2 Comments
Title: The Big Hole This book provides an introduction of the long, silent ”e and the long ”o“ vowels.
It also shows that accidents can occur when least expected.
New Words:cannot, hole, pole, hose, rose, mope, cope, hope, rope, toe, no, bone, cone, alone, poke, joke, home, tore, sore, was
Consonants:th_, _nn
Vowels:long - o
Sight Words:was, oh, fall
Conversation Skills:After reading this book, talk about being careful.

Set 7 Book 3 (The Fumes)  
Set 7—Book 3 Comments
Title: The Fumes Introduction of long "u" vowel.
Kim learns Mom's personal items are not to be used for play. Delightful illustrations appear in these books.
New Words:use, fumes, fuse, cute, cure, Mom's, Dad's, sure, licks, okay, gave, pure, huge (soft g), likes
Consonant Sounds & Blends:silent y, soft g, _cks
Vowels:long - u
Sight Words: 
Conversation Skills:After reading this book, talk about being responsible for our actions.

Set 7 Book 4 (Pete's Bike Ride)  
Set 7—Book 4 Comments
Title: Pete's Bike Ride This book provides an introduction to long "e" and "i" vowels.
Pete and his family are introduced and interact in a positive family experience.
New Words:five, bike, hike, fine, line, nine, cuts, bite, ripe, side, wide, ride, rides, lime, dime, ask, Pete's, Eve, Eve's, pie, tie, ties, store, yet, bun, all, calls, lemonade (compound)
Consonants:st_, sk_, _es, _ns, _gs
Vowels:long - i - e
Sight Words:have
Conversation Skills:After reading this book, talk about kites.

Set 7 Book 5 (The Lemonade Sale)  
Set 7—Book 5 Comments
Title: The Lemonade Sale An introduction and review to long "a" and "e" vowels is given. A three syllable word, lemonade, is introduced. Kim has a plan to make money. Kim does not make money, but that's okay because Kim has friends.
New Words:bake, fake, cake, rate, asked, sale, dimes, wage, helps, ad, sell, me, lot, comes
Consonants:_lps, _sk
Vowels:long - a - e
Sight Words:comes
Conversation Skills:After reading this book, talk about business.

Set 7 Book 6 (The Gal Pals)  
Set 7—Book 6 Comments
Title: The Gal Pals A review of short vowel words and of the long "i" vowel is given.
Everyone enjoys sharing common interests with a friend his or her own age.
New Words:Ann, hats, pets, Jan, Sue, ham, gals, Neal, tags, hugs, Teena Lee, bedtime, pizzazz, puts, doll, dolls
Consonants:oll (doll), _lls, _zz, _ll
Vowels:short a-e-i-o-u, long i
Sight Words:puts, says
Conversation Skills:After reading this book, talk about watching TV.
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