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Set 11 Book 1 (At The Fair)  
Set 11—Book 1 Comments
Title: At The Fair The blends -est -wh -sh -ak are practiced.
Pete, Mike, Mom, and Dad prepare for the fair and are rewarded. Guess who wins the biggest blue ribbon?
Value:Preparing and Fulfillment
New Words:pumpkins, mama, papa, Pablo, something, shapes, Tuff-Enuff, yummy, cactus, blue, 1st (first), jar (controlled r), zoo, rainbow (silent w), vase, apple, ribbon, paints, hippo, taste, Maria, Maria's, basket, clay, green, names, mile, umm, van, apples, give, prizes, place
Consonants:bl_, sh_, wh, ff, th_, _pp, _bb, gg, oo (zoo), _est, _ing
Sight Words:what, first
Conversation Skills:After reading this book, talk about going to a fair.

Set 11 Book 2 (A Package from Hong Kong)  
Set 11—Book 2 Comments
Title: A Package from Hong Kong The phonics blends and clusters, -ing -ang -ong -onk -ight, Silent -w- (as in "wrong") are practiced.
A true to life happening shows family members have different likes and dislikes.
New Words:rang, Lang's, hang, mang, land, jingle, jangle, grandma, grandpa, card, hard, sharp, birds, Martin, Karen, Karma, another, paper, family, shake, package, parents, parrot, started, faraway, gift, ding, dong, sing, bingo, singing, tight, night, might, smiled, tugged, Hong Kong, bong, strong, song, thongs, wrong (silent w), bonkers, holding, tomorrow, clock, o'clock, out, house, found, sound, bound, open, opened, now, coming, porch, then, bell, sister, wearing, September, reading, each, about, door, story, doorbell, she, her, called, rip, took, good, were, bound, ever, wanted, birds, hour, card, love, look, looked, sent, hour, your
Consonants:stc_, sh_, _ed, _gh's, oo (good), _ou, _igh, Word Patterns: hall, called, _ing, _ong, _ang
Vowels:long vowels
Sight Words:were, hall, hour
Conversation Skills:After reading this book, talk about getting gifts.

Set 11 Book 3 (Snores and More)  
Set 11—Book 3 Comments
Title: Snores and More The initial blends scr- squ- and final blends -er -ed -es are practiced.
Max learns to accept being in error. Ben shows consideration for his friends feelings.
New Words:spat, stack, stacked, snack, attack, ice (soft c), cream, spill, spine, Pike's Peak, freezer, icky, spy, sky, stuff, scruff, fluffy, snore, snores, Scotty, Scotland, smell, smelled, speedy, sneeze, sneezes, sneezed, sweet, choo, asleep, sneak, tugged, leaped, slipped, snipped, snapped, squealed, grabbed, planned, won't, named, sleep, wake, creep, snails, began, sweet, treat, named, sticky, way, A-choo
Consonants:_ed, sn_, gr_, br_, fr_, _sk, scr_, fl_, sc_, sm_, sw_, cr_, cl_, sl_, squ_, pl_, _ff, _ch
Sight Words:your
Conversation Skills:After reading this book, talk about bragging.

Set 11 Book 4 (The Video Show)  
Set 11—Book 4 Comments
Title: The Video Show Practice of "r" controlled words -ar- (as in "warm") and word endings (as in "farmer") are provided.
The moral is "Wishes are realized in different ways."
New Words:farmer, farmer's, party, garden, patch, ladder, taller, wish, video, spilled, supper, show, blew, snow, snowball, blowing, crows, scarecrow, scarecrow's, storm, popcorn, popper, poppers, popped, popping, hotter, corn, table, brought, bounced, we'll, been, cold, colder, bring, jumped, over, hood's, funny, Robin, want, could, would, window (silent w), just, having, cook, warm, himself, over, our, plugged, turned, followed, November, room, next, tall, tipped, head, looking, own, laughed, laughing, barked, harder, simmer, pans, filled, silly
Consonants:gl_, sp_, sn_, br_, sh_, bl_, _cp, st_, _ed, _er, _ing, _ou, _ow
Sight Words:where, friends, laugh
Conversation Skills:After reading this book, talk about entertainment.

Set 11 Book 5 (Robin Hood's Cook)  
Set 11—Book 5 Comments
Title: Robin Hood's Cook Provides combinations of phonics blends focusing on "oo" (good) and "oo" (cook).
An innovative book arrangement, front to middle and back to middle provides a double review of words. Explore the ways people are alike and the fears that keep them apart. For creative writing instruction, this book is a good example.
Value:Overcoming Fears
New Words:taken, indeed, hood, wood's, brook, shook, froze, cloak, fool, wool, cool, pool, boom, hoops, noon, food, boots, loose, loops, oozed, crook, seek, queen, queens, second, excuse, beamed, edge, camp, shall, cookbook, dress, rest, should, fact, path, calm, why, when, turn, until, footsteps
Consonants:sh_, st_, tr_, cr_, sh_, th_, wh_, _ed, cl_, _,mp
Vowels:long and short vowels
Sight Words:couldn't, calm, shouldn't, wouldn't
Conversation Skills:After reading this book, talk about a parody.

Set 11 Book 6 (Humps and Lumps)  
Set 11—Book 6 Comments
Title: Humps and Lumps Review of blends and endings is given.
Students learn that understanding and cooperation solve problems.
New Words:mass, gasp, fast, snake, waved, twigs, sticks, pile, lifted, than, hub, someday, problems, dump, pump, lumps, bumps, humps, rusty, dusty, truck, gulped, stuffed, Mr., Moore, broke, doorway, nest, dent, kept, bend, clear, elm, forgot, hundred, didn't, stopped, means, quilts, begged, fond, laugh
Consonants:_ed, tw_, st, sm_, sk, dr_, tr_, pr_, br_, Word Patterns: falls/calls, ump/umps
Sight Words:fall, call
Conversation Skills:After reading this book, talk about neatness.
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